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Many people choose Opus Healthcare products to help them maintain healthy skin and manage their stoma.

Our products can help you by ensuring the skin around your stoma stays healthy, your discretion is maintained and you remain confident in your daily activities.

We pride ourselves on producing high quality, innovative products, a number of which are unique.

All our products are available on the NHS, they can be prescribed by your GP then ordered from whoever normally supplies your pouches.

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Lift Plus 360 & Citrus

NOW AVAILABLE - Lift Plus® 360 and Lift Plus® 360 Citrus

NEW Lift Plus 360, using the latest bag on valve technology, is a highly effective range of medical adhesive removers that reduce the pain associated with the removal of stoma pouch adhesives.

  • The spray can be applied from any angle (360 degrees), offering greater reliability
  • The removal of the hydrocarbon propellant ensures:
    • The product is not cold on the skin
    • There's more product in the can
    • Less wastage due to greater product emptying
    • It's more environmentally friendly
  • Lift Plus 360 is 30% cheaper* than the market leading brand

To order a sample call 0800 458 7605

*Drug tariff Feb 15

Our products

We have a dedicated page for each of our products, explaining how they can assist in dealing with a variety of day-to-day problems experienced by people who have a stoma. You can see our complete range of products here.


We understand that everyone is different and it is important to ensure you are satisfied that our products are right for you.

Please request samples of our products so you can try them for yourself and experience the benefits of their use.

Samples can be requested by either following the link on the product page or if you prefer call 0800 458 7605.